At Buckingham Primary School, our aim is to foster a life-long love of language, literature and communication in all our pupils. We aim to help them leave us with a strong command of both the spoken and written word, underpinned by a passion for and appreciation of a wide variety of texts. All our children should see themselves as both readers and writers.


Reading for pleasure is at the heart of our curriculum at Buckingham Primary School. We encourage all our children (from F2 to Year 6) to access a wide range of books and other texts. We actively promote this through activities such as reading competitions, sponsored reads and book groups in school. All children at BPS are encouraged to see themselves as readers.

For early readers, we use the Big Cat Collins phonetic reading scheme. Once children are secure with the 6 phonics phases, they move onto the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and many will continue with this, supplemented by texts they choose independently, until they leave us.

For all children at BPS, we encourage daily reading and under normal conditions, appropriate books are sent home for this purpose. Reading records are provided to allow for children and parents to record their child’s reading and progress.



We follow the Letters and Sounds synthetic phonics scheme. This is delivered through a range of resources, including Phonics Play and the Big Cat Phonics books.

General reading

Reading can be so much more than sitting down and reading a book! Younger children can be encouraged to read any text they come across: road signs, labels, notices. Older children might enjoy reading recipes or instructions.

We expect all children to spend time reading every day. With the youngest children, this will be with an adult but as the children move through school, we would like parents to encourage their children to read independently and record thoughts and comments in their reading record.

We also encourage parents to continue to share with their children more challenging texts so they develop a love of narrative, poetry as well as a variety of non-fiction writing (from football reports to information on climate change and other national and global events).

In addition to reading to and with your children, we direct parents to Oxford Owl which offers access to self-readers, audio books and books to share with an adult. Oxford Owl

Use our VIPERS question stems (below) to help you ask your child about reading.


We want all children at BPS to see themselves as writers. To this end, all writing at BPS is underpinned by a purpose, whether this is writing in a role, writing as themselves, or writing with a particular audience in mind. Equally, our writing is inspired by the range of high-quality texts from which we plan our English lessons. We believe that every child who leaves BPS should have had exposure to as broad a range of texts as possible.

Helping Your Child at Home


English Games

The Phonics Gamer

Phonics Bloom

Phonics Play

Letters and Sounds


Grammar Jargon Buster

MC Grammar




Writing should be encouraged for all children to become part of their everyday experience. Children who see writing, whether letters or emails to friends and relatives or keeping a journal or even starting with lists of their favourite things, will more readily see themselves as writers. Please help your children to find reasons to write in whatever capacity, as regularly as you can.

Resources that provide writing opportunities:

Pobble 365

Once Upon A Picture


KS1 Question Stems

KS2 Question Stems