At BPS we are proud of our uniform and we ask that all our parents support our policy by ensuring your child turns up to school each morning  looking fabulous and proud in their uniform. We believe strongly that our school uniform fosters a sense of identity, belonging and pride.


PE Kit

Black skirt or trousers

White shirt or  Polo shirt in KS1 only

School Tie (optional in KS 1)

Blue school jumper either round neck sweat shirt or V-neck knit or cardigan

Black shoes

Black Shorts

Blue school t-shirt

Optional track suit for winter months

Trainers and Plimsolls


The Principles we insist upon are:

  • No jewellery, except small, plain studs for pierced ears and wrist watches – both of which must be removed for P.E. We highly recommend earrings are not worn unless absolutely necessary.

  • Skirt length modest – no shorter than just above the knee.

  • No high-heeled shoes over 3cm and no fashion boots.

  • Trainers only as specialist sports shoes, or to change into in wet, muddy weather.

  • No fashion items, e.g. boot-leg trousers, mini-skirts or designer sportswear.

  • Socks and tights should be plain coloured, no patterns or cartoons.

  • All clothing, including coats and shoes must be labelled with pupil’s name.

  • Hair must be a natural colour, long hair tied back and no part-shaven or pattern shaven styles.

Where To  Buy

Our School uniform is available from:

T King Associates
Unit 14, Swan Business Centre,
MK18 1TB

Click Here For The Online Store

Help with measuring for uniform: 



Printable Tape Measure